Recruit, Onboard, and Support Employees in One Platform with Smartsheet for Human Resources

Collaborative work management is crucial for Human Resources teams. Unfortunately, with the vast number of software platforms your HR department utilizes, bridging the communication gap can be difficult, especially when it comes to reporting.

Smartsheet enables HR teams to manage everything from onboarding tasks to change-management programs, while ensuring their employees remain supported.

Collaborate with Other Departments

Smartsheet for HR enables easy collaboration with other departments with tools like its internal job requisition form, employee review checklist, and more. The project management platform connects every department to HR for requests in one easy place.

HR employees can utilize Smartsheet for:

Smartsheet for HR Simplifies Your Day-to-Day

Smartsheet delivers the visibility you need without the tedious data entry associated with other resource management platforms.

  • Recruiting and Talent Acquisition

    Smartsheet helps you maximize ROI on recruiting activities, stay on top of budget, and streamline internal planning and coordination with hiring managers. The platform also integrates with Zapier so you can pull your data from external job sites into the Smartsheet portal for reports and data analytics.

  • Benefits and Retirement Tracking

    HR departments can improve collaboration, increase visibility workload processing times, and report on program status to employees through the Smartsheet portal.

  • Employee Onboarding

    Smartsheet streamlines process and paperwork, helping you maintain an auditable database without added effort. HR can easily help grow the business with well-trained employees using this platform.

  • Employee Resourcing and Management

    Increase visibility into corporate policies, office calendars, and internal forms through the Smartsheet portal. This platform centralizes all of your critical resources for better informed, productive employees, whether they work in the office or remotely.

Customizable Reports and Dashboards for HR

Smartsheet for HR enables you to create dashboard views to help visualize, summarize, and share important details in a simple view. For your users who need to cut through the massive amounts of data contained in your typical reports, these customizable views make it easy for your team to share and collaborate.

Your HR dashboards help you share information from reports with people who don’t need access to all the details, like managers in other departments or external agencies. Your team can easily keep your employees in the loop without giving away unnecessary information.

Your Smartsheet administrator can also add live data from sheets and reports to any of your dashboards to keep your employees informed.

Your dashboards can include:

Maximizing Smartsheet for HR with ADAPTURE Smartsheet Experts

With a robust customizable solution like Smartsheet, finding the expertise to implement and manage it can be a challenge, especially for companies with already lean IT teams. Hiring new engineers with Smartsheet customization and deployment expertise is costly, and often outside the HR budget. Utilizing Smartsheet Accelerators and Templates is helpful but can only go so far without an expert to implement and manage your portal.

As a Smartsheet Platinum Partner, ADAPTURE has the expertise to help your HR team design, customize, and deploy Smartsheet. Our ADAPTURE Smartsheet Consultants couple business process optimization with the Smartsheet platform, helping your team create a single view that connects seamlessly with your various HR tools.

Our team of Smartsheet experts provides decades of technical experience to help your team launch a whole new way to tackle your day-to-day. Platforms like Smartsheet are only as effective as the management and expertise behind it. ADAPTURE not only customizes and supports Smartsheet for our clients−our teams also utilize the platform internally because of its unmatched capabilities.

Streamline Your Human Resources Tasks with Smartsheet

Contact an ADAPTURE Smartsheet Solutions Architect today to start building a single source for all of your data analytics and project insight.