Improve Productivity, Enhance Visibility, Track ROI, and More with Marketing Solutions from Smartsheet

Smartsheet enables your Marketing team to be more agile than ever. Connect your people, data, apps, and ideas all in one place−so you can manage your marketing initiatives, creative projects, dynamic content, and more from a single platform.

The Smartsheet experts at ADAPTURE can help your Marketing department integrate Smartsheet with your other tools, such as the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Zapier, Marketing Automation Software, Office 365 applications, and more.

Ensure Marketing Output and Drive Leads with Smartsheet

Content, Demand Generation, Events, and more Managed in One Place

Smartsheet enables your team to collaborate, review, and approve all content. Your content specialists, agency, and other freelancers can upload files to a proof and send a review request to anyone on your team, including stakeholders for sensitive press releases, web admins for blog posts, and social media managers for your sharing calendar.

Proofing enables you to:

Real-Time Analytics

Marketing Data Analytics in Real-Time

Smartsheet enables your marketing team to create reports and visualize your data in real-time so you can make more informed decisions faster.

Additionally, your chart visuals can be personalized to enable flexibility. Your data shouldn’t be limitedand neither should the way you view it.

Track Marketing Resource Management

Effectively support and manage your Marketing team by tracking user allocation within Smartsheet.

This helps you identify challenges, raise priorities, and more by seeing where your team is spending most of their time.

Smartsheet delivers the visibility you need without the tedious data entry associated with other resource management platforms.

PPC Management Hours
Hours Allocated 70%
SEO Consulting Hours
Hours Allocated 47%
Content Writing Hours
Hours Allocated 80%
  • Campaign Management

    Smartsheet’s Campaign Management dashboard enables your users to easily submit campaign ideas. From this view you can track new ideas, current campaigns, and progress towards objectives. Your stakeholders can use this portal to check in on your strategic initiatives, campaign analytics, and more from one simple view.

  • Virtual and Live Event Planning

    Align your marketing team and your event planners with Smartsheet Event Planning. Smartsheet facilitates a smooth transition for events whether in-person or hosted online with a single source of truth for event details. Additionally, this tool delivers real-time visibility into your event data to your leadership when they need it. Track, manage, and execute your next event with more ease than ever.

Customizable Marketing Dashboards and Portals

Smartsheet enables you to create dashboard views to help visualize, summarize, and share important project details in a simple view. For your users who need to cut through the massive amounts of data contained in your typical reports, these customizable views make it easy on your team.

Your marketing dashboards help you share information fromreports with people who don’t need access to all the details, like freelancers or external agencies. Your team can easily keep your contractors in the loop without giving away unnecessary information.

Your Smartsheet administrator can also add live data from sheets and reports to any of your dashboards to keep your team informed and collaborative. 


Your dashboards can include:

Maximizing Your Smartsheet Marketing Platform with ADAPTURE Smartsheet Experts

With a robust customizable solution like Smartsheet, finding the expertise to implement and manage it can be a challenge, especially for companies with already lean IT teams. Hiring new engineers with Smartsheet customization and deployment expertise is costly, and often outside the marketing operations budget.

As a Smartsheet Platinum Partner, ADAPTURE has the expertise to help your team design, customize, and deploy Smartsheet. Our ADAPTURE Smartsheet Consultants couple business process optimization with the Smartsheet platform, helping your marketing team create a single view that connects seamlessly with your various marketing data sources.

Our team of Smartsheet experts provide decades of technical experience to help your team launch a whole new way to manage your marketing projects. Platforms like Smartsheet are only as effective as the management and expertise behind it. ADAPTURE not only customizes and supports Smartsheet for our clients−our teams also utilize the platform internally because of its unmatched capabilities.

Power boost your marketing projects with a customizable project management platform.

Contact an ADAPTURE Smartsheet Solutions Architect today to start building a single source for all of your data analytics and project insight.